Spinal Manipulation Is More Effective In Reducing Lower Back Pain Than Oxycodone And Muscle Relaxants


Even in this day and age, where we are surrounded by information, many people are hesitant to go to the chiropractor for lower back pain because they either believe that the techniques used by these doctors don’t work or they are afraid. However, there are plenty of scientific studies on the positive results of chiropractic care and spinal manipulation on overall health and especially in regards to treating lower back pain. This is why people who are dealing with lower back pain should consider working with a chiropractor instead of taking prescription drugs like painkillers or muscle relaxants or undergoing spinal surgery. Instead, look for a lasting solution to lower back pain, by correcting spinal dysfunction at its core through chiropractic care and find long-term relief for your lower back pain.


An example of one of these studies is on spinal manipulation versus a placebo published by the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine and reviewed by two independent parties, 280 patients who were experiencing lower back pain for longer than two weeks were subjected to real spinal manipulation or sham (pretend) spinal manipulation. This study showed that spinal manipulation, when done correctly, reduced back pain significantly more than the placebo.


The results of this study were compared to another study on lower back pain, performed by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, where 300 patients consumed muscle relaxants or oxycodone, a potent painkiller. In this study, it showed that spinal manipulation is slightly more effective (.36) in reducing pain than oxycodone (.33) and far superior to muscle relaxants (.o8).


It is important to note that the number one reason for spinal surgery is chronic lower back pain that in many cases can be resolved by chiropractic care. Instead of going in for spinal surgery, taking muscle relaxants, or taking oxycodone, a prescription opioid drug whose drug class is directly attributed to over 15,000 deaths every single year; consider safe and effective chiropractic care as first-line therapy to resolving lower back pain.

Learn more about The Clinical Guidelines Released in 2017 by the American College of Physicians for the Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain or how we treat back pain.




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