EMF Protection: What Are EMFs, Why You Should Be Aware Of Them, And How To Reduce Exposure

EMFs, otherwise known as electromagnetic fields, are constantly bombarding us on a daily basis. While this hasn’t been a problem historically, modern-day technology, like cellular phones, wireless devices, and computers emit an immense amount of EMF radiation. In fact, EMF emissions are about 2 million times higher within cities and towns than they were 100 years ago. Could this be a catalyst to long-term health problems?

Since the World Health Organization states that EMF emissions disturb electrical currents within the body, we have reason to believe that they are harmful. One health expert on the subject, Dr. David Carpenter from the University of Albany, believes that EMF radiation can be linked to childhood cancers. Also, a wide range of neurological problems, behavioral conditions, abnormal cell growth, cellular mutation, fibromyalgia, depression, and a weakened immune system have all been associated with exposure to EMF radiation.

In other words, we should reduce our exposure to EMF radiation to avoid potential health problems.

EMF Protection: How To Reduce EMF Radiation

While it isn’t possible to remove all sources of EMF radiation, especially from natural outlets, lifestyle changes can significantly reduce exposure to man-made sources. Anyone who is serious about reducing their radiation levels should move into the country, far from EMFs, or into a city where Wi-Fi is outlawed and give up all their technological gadgets. On the other hand, most people don’t fit into that category so individuals who want to continue to live in the city and enjoy modern day conveniences can substantially reduce EMF radiation if they consciously take corrective action.

The number one source of EMF radiation is wireless devices around the house. Ideally, replace all wireless devices with their wired counterparts. For instance, replace cordless phones with wired phones. Also, people who can switch over to an Ethernet cable should remove their Wi-Fi router from their house entirely to avoid the damaging EMF radiation that comes along with it. While this is an inconvenience, people who are concerned about their health should take the necessary steps to reduce radiation levels around their house.

In many cases, people make a compromise between EMF radiation and their health. Simply turning off the Wi-Fi at night can allow the body to repair itself from cellular damage caused by EMF radiation over the course of the day. While this is not a complete solution, reducing radiation levels for at least 8 hours over a 24-hour period has been shown to be less harmful overall.

Cell Phones Also Emit EMF Radiation

When using your cell phone, remember that distance is your friend. Instead of holding your phone close to your body or even holding it all, ideally, set it a short distance away and only touch it when necessary. When making calls, use the speaker phone option as much as possible and avoid bringing your phone directly to your head. Since radiation decreases at the square of distance, focus on remaining a safe distance away. When transporting your phone, never place it directly in your pocket where it is in direct contact with your body. If you must transport your phone in this manner, place it on Airplane mode or turn it off. With that said, use Airplane mode as much as possible and don’t use your phone in the car, as this increases EMF radiation even more.

Buy An EMF Shield For Your Phone

To reduce EMF radiation from your phone, purchase a shield. Defender Shield makes an excellent product that reduces EMF emissions 99.9%.

Use EMF Emission Decreasing Headsets

There are some headsets that can be used to reduce EMF radiation including the Mercola Blue Tube Headset and the KUCIPA Anti-Radiation Binaural Earphones.

Laptops Generate EMF Radiation

Despite the name “laptop,” it is advisable never to let a computer sit in your lap. As with cell phones, remaining a safe distance away from a laptop is essential to avoid the damaging effects of EMF radiation. A safe distance is considered to be a couple of feet away from the body. If possible, don’t connect to Wi-Fi, but instead use an Ethernet cable when using the Internet. Ideally, take plenty of breaks when using a laptop to reduce the constant exposure to EMF radiation. Defender Shield also makes an EMF radiation protector for the laptop.

Reduce EMF Radiation When Sleeping

The body has a chance to repair itself while asleep, so it is imperative to reduce EMF radiation throughout the bedroom and house during this crucially important time. Ideally, turn off the Wi-Fi and turn off all devices at night. Another good idea is to keep electronics like cell phones, iPads, and laptops out of the bedroom. People who use a cell phone as an alarm should turn it on Airplane mode when they go to sleep.

Some Appliances Produce EMF Radiation

Appliances can contribute to EMF radiation throughout the household. LCD, LED, and plasma TVs only produce a small amount of EMF radiation and are a far better choice than cathode ray tube TVs. When watching television, stay at least 2 feet way from it.

When looking for an induction cook-top, search for gas or electric options over the modern day cook-tops that produce a huge amount of EMF radiation.

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission, radiation levels of modern day induction cook-tops are 16 times higher than levels considered safe. For people who have a modern day induction cook-top that produces EMF radiation, stand at least a foot away, ideally more.

How To Measure EMF Radiation

EMF radiation cannot be detected by the human body so consider purchasing an EMF meter to determine which areas of the house are most dangerous and do what is necessary to correct the issue.

The best EMF meters on the market include the Trifield 100XE EMF Meter, the Ghost Meter EMF Sensor, and the K2 EMF Meter Deluxe.

Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure

Since the dangers of EMF radiation are slowly becoming obvious, it is important to reduce levels around the house to remain healthy. People who can’t live without technological gadgets or Wi-Fi should at least turn off their devices and Wi-Fi at night when they are sleeping. Individuals who want to cut their radiation levels significantly should switch over to wired connections exclusively, use protective cases on their electronic devices, and stop using Wi-Fi. To determine EMF radiation levels around the house, use an EMF radiation detector while focusing on ways to reduce emissions to a safe level.

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