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Chiropractic Relieves Pain from Accidents and Injuries

The most common reason why someone will go to see a chiropractor is in an effort to alleviate some sort of pain, particularly spine-related. And before any considerations of rehabilitation or prevention can be broached, the first issue that must be addressed is the symptoms of that pain, whether from an accident, an injury, or a chronic condition.


The primary objective, then, of chiropractic for acute care is to have the patient feeling better – meaning free of pain, soreness, tension, discomfort, etc. – as soon as possible.


In an initial chiropractic exam for treatment of acute pain, the chiropractor will draw up a complete health history with you, followed by a thorough examination. In this initial examination, the chiropractor may test your various reflexes, ask you to turn and bend, and perform a routine of other various chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological testing. In some cases, these exams may include spinal X-rays or other imaging as needed.

Once these steps have been taken, the chiropractor then reviews all of the information compiled and reports his or her findings, while answering any questions that you may have.


With your consent, the chiropractor may then perform one or more adjustments or manipulations, often followed by making certain recommendations for the particular program of chiropractic care the Doctor deems appropriate for the specific individual based on his or her specific needs.

Many patients find that all it takes is a single adjustment in order to start feeling relief from the pain of their condition (if not total relief). This relief, however, may only be temporary, akin to how a prescription medicine must be retaken in order for its benefits to be sustained, and eventually “sink in”.

There are times, however, when it takes more than one visit to the chiropractor before the painful symptoms of a patient’s condition start to disappear. This is natural, normal, and common as there are usually several factors involved in the pain the patient is experiencing, many of them long-standing. Even when speaking of pain caused by an accident or injury, different patients may experience different recovery times as all these other factors – like age, weight, other existing medical conditions, diet, fitness, lifestyle, mental and emotional health, stress – also come into play.

Severe and long-standing conditions, especially, can often be benefited by a series of appointments in order to get the body accustomed to the more balanced state and more able to maintain such a state on its own.


How does chiropractic alleviate pain? As a neurological event, pain can be exacerbated or eliminated by changes in the body’s neuromusculoskeletal system.

Example (BONES), when the joints between two vertebrae of the spine are out of alignment, this places a great deal of pressure on the two vertebrae (which, remember, are bones), used to having a cushion between them, but not grinding against one another. This causes pain. Chiropractic, by manipulating and adjusting the spine so that those joints are back in place between the two vertebrae where they belong, the pressure of the two bones is relieved. And so is the pain!

Example (NERVES): when the joints between two vertebrae are out of alignment, this may place pressure (“pinch”) on a nerve. This nerve irritation can cause a great deal of pain. (Have you ever had a toothache? – That’s caused by an irritated nerve). A chiropractic adjustment can take the pressure off the nerve by repositioning the vertebrae in their natural position – thus pain can be significantly reduced or eliminated!

Example (MUSCLE): When an area is injured the surrounding muscles will tense up to act as a splint to protect the injured area. The problem is these muscles don’t relax until the area is healed so the surrounding muscles become sore and the prolonged tension may pull other structures they attach to out of alignment as well. When a chiropractor adjusts the affected area, many times the muscles can relax because they don’t have to protect the area any more. This can cause a great relief from pain.

Our chiropractic physicians make chiropractic adjustments not just for the spine, but for all the joints of the body, which means that there’s not a site of pain on the body that they cannot address. After the pain is relieved, they would then discuss with you, your options for rehabilitative care and the use of other treatment modalities such as massage, physical therapy, and/or acupuncture as needed, to restore your body back to a condition where the pain does not recur.


Chiropractic therapy can be very helpful after a car accident for eliminating pain and inflammation. If you are trying to find care after your car accident, give us a call. We are here to help you get out of pain.  When scheduling your appointment please mention that you are in pain so we can see you as soon as possible.

Get help for your pain TODAY. We accommodate same day emergency appointments Monday thru Saturday. Pain lasting more than a week is NOT normal and NOT good.